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WWF's CN Tower Climb for Nature

Kristin and Marc 1994
Kristin and Marc 1994

Marc Madness

Marc Madness is back!   Thank you for checking us out to either sponsor one of our climbers or perhaps...join us in the climb.

This team climbs to remember Marc Rigby and continue to raise money for WWF in his name.  This climb was a favourite event of his and he enjoyed raising money for his furry friends.  It is an honour to continue what Marc started.  Even though only the team captain (Kristin) knew Marc, even the new members get a chuckle hearing some stories of her friend.  

If you are undecided who to sponsor, our youngest team mate was pretty jazzed about being the top fundraiser on the team last year.  Sydney is hoping to beat us all not just in fundraising this year, but in her time up the tower.  

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