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WWF's CN Tower Climb for Nature Sunday Premium Climb

Marc Madness 2015
Marc Madness 2015

Marc Madness


Marc Madness is back for a 7th climb.  Thank you to all of our long time supporters and our first time donors.  We couldn't do this without you. 

I am sure you came to specifically donate to one of the climbers.  Make sure you are on their personal page or the donation gets split between all of the team climbers. 

For those that want a recap on the history.  Marc Rigby was a close friend of Kristin O'Connor (team captain).  They went to Queen's University together.  Marc used to do the CN Tower Climb.  Then he got cancer.  Kristin's last Christmas present to Marc was to promise to be his legs and climb on his behalf.  Sadly the cancer won before that happened.  The Marc Madness team was created and we have climbed ever since.  Even if you never knew Marc you would have liked him.

Thanks for the donations and the moral support.


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